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Salary and Job Growth for an Education Degree

The money you earn in this field depends on a number of factors – and if you’re smart, you can use your education degree to earn a six-figure salary. Let’s take a look at how the factors that can impact salary as an educator.

Salary by Degree

As an education major, you’ll have a number of degree options, and these options can make an impact on your salary. In general, educators have a median salary range of $53,860 to $57,200 per year ( Early childhood education majors who work as preschool teachers make the least, with elementary education majors making slightly more and secondary education majors making the most. At each of these levels, various specializations, like special education, can greatly impact how much you will make.

Education Administration

Most positions in education administration require at least a master’s degree, and in some situations, you may need a doctorate to qualify for the position. Many schools allow educators to take master’s degree classes while continuing to teach, often supplementing the costs to make it more affordable. From there, you can apply to head teacher positions or higher-level administration, such as becoming a principal or superintendent. These upper-level positions come attached to much higher salaries.

Exploring Your Opportunities

Other than going back to school for an advanced education degree, what else can you do to broaden your opportunities as a teacher? Consider the following:

  • Choose your location wisely – location can greatly affect your salary range, especially when you compare rural areas to urban districts.
  • Look for a private school job – they usually require master’s degrees, but salaries are generally not dependent on public funding.
  • Work in a high-need area – in addition to affecting your salary range, location can impact your employment opportunities as well.
  • Participate as a student adviser or coach – taking on extra work after school means you’ll earn extra money.
  • Tutor students after school or serve as a summer school teacher.

Associate, Bachelors, and Masters Degrees in Education

Liberty University – Liberty University offers online degree programs in Education including: AA in Education, BS in Education, M.Ed. in General Ed., and Doctor of Education. These programs are designed to prepare students for effective educational leadership in both Christian and public schools. Coursework can be completed in a combination of online and residential formats.
University of Massachusetts – University of Massachusetts has online programs in Education including: M.Ed. in Administration, Curriculum & Instruction, Instructional Design, Reading & Language, and Science Education. These programs prepare students for roles in public education and also further educational theory, policy, and research theory. Students take courses in leadership, policy, and writing.
Kaplan University – Kaplan University offers online degree programs in Education including: MS in K-12 Education, MA in 5-12 Teaching, and MSHE in Educational Assessment. These degree programs are for students looking to further their skills and knowledge base. Graduates are prepared to teach diverse learners in a broad range of academic content.
Walden University – Walden University provides online degrees in Education including: BS in Educational Studies, MS in Curriculum & Instruction, Ed. Leadership, Elementary Literacy, Gr. 6-8 Math, and Middle School Ed. These programs place an emphasis on practical strategies and in particular train students to be experts on designing and assessing curriculum.
Capella University – Capella University offers online degrees in Education including: MS in Educational Psych., Higher Education, and Online Learning. Students can choose from a wide variety of concentrations including: Curriculum and Instruction, K-12 Studies in Education, Early Childhood Education, Enrollment Management, Leadership for Higher Education, Postsecondary and Adult Education, and Professional Studies in Education.
Grand Canyon University – Grand Canyon University offers online programs in Education including: BS in K-8 Education, Special Ed., Sec. Ed. Business, English, Social Studies, and Math. This program is designed for students to learn on their own time. It is highly interactive with message boards and one-on-one professor feedback.
Northcentral University – Northcentral University offers an online Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. Students can choose from specializations including: Athletic Administration, Early Childhood Education, English Second Other Language, Leadership in Higher Education, Organizational Leadership, Adult Learning and Workforce Education, Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Teaching, International Education, and E-Learning. The program includes faculty mentoring and no residency requirement.

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