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Does Learning Science Depend on how it is Taught?

It wasn’t my favorite subject at school, but by the time I was done with junior high, I had developed a newfound liking for chemistry. Thanks to the unbounded enthusiasm of the new teacher in school and his eccentric yet brilliant teaching methods, I found that I enjoyed not just chemistry, but science in general immensely, and that I earned a high grade. That was when I realized that the ease of learning a subject had a lot to do with how it was taught – what you absorb in class is what impresses you the most. The rest – homework, assignments, and textbook revisions for exams – they’re all extraneous and count only towards your grades. In short, a teacher makes a vast difference to the way you understand and love a subject.

  • When you love the way a teacher handles a class, you look forward to lessons and never want to skip them; and when you attend classes regularly, you understand the subject better and this makes studying easy.
  • You don’t mind doing your homework and assignments because they’re interesting too, and you put in extra effort because you want to please your favorite teacher.
  • Your classes are peppered with projects and experiments that make learning more fun and interesting. The best way to learn science is through a hands-on approach, by putting into practice what you’ve learned as theory.
  • You don’t think of preparation for exams as a chore; when you love the subject, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to study for exams and tests because you’re already familiar with most of the concepts.
  • Science is not just a subject that you must take at school – rather, it becomes a learning experience that you treasure and retain for a lifetime.

So yes, you could say that your interest in science is kindled and stoked by those who teach it – if they are passionate about the subject and know it well, if they’re good at passing on this knowledge to keen learners with sharp minds, and if they’re capable of capturing and holding the attention of their class, then there’s no reason why science cannot be a favorite and easy-to-learn subject for most students.