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Indulge With Sweet Reads: The Top 50 Chocolatier Blogs

With tons of new cooking shows popping up, it was inevitable that everyone’s favorite obsession would be tackled. Chocolate is no longer just limited to the candy aisle at the supermarket. With everything from local choices to international fare, the world of chocolate has just gotten much bigger.

With so much to try and such little time and money to try it all, where can a chocolate lover turn? As with many things, there’s a blog for that. Below, we have listed the top 50 chocolatier blogs. By actual chocolatiers, professional and amateur chefs, and outright lovers of chocolate, they have entries and recommendations for just about everyone.

Top Chocolatier Blogs by a Group

Groups of bloggers discuss their favorite chocolaty passion in their blogs.

1. Chocolate Wrap
Stop here for the official blog of Lake Champlain Chocolates which is located in Burlington, Vermont. With over 20 years in operation, they are best known for their Chocolates of Vermont. Blog entries often show readers how to make their own professional chocolate dishes at home.

2. Chocablog
Based in London with a dedicated team of writers from around the world, their mission is to find and review the best chocolate in the world. They will keep you up to date with all the latest chocolate news, shared recipes, and generally chocolate talk. Everything from recipes to reviews and more are featured.

3. The Chocolate Life
The tagline of this blog is “discover chocolate and live la vida cocoa.” It is made up of an online community of chocophiles and those who aspire to become them. Check out the travels, events, videos, and much more all with chocolate in mind.

4. Chocolate Television
Get a whole internet channel dedicated to chocolate here. This new food, cooking, and lifestyle program takes on everyone’s favorite culinary delight. Many blog entries are featured as videos.

5. National Confectioners Association
The NCA has been representing the candy, chocolate, and gum industry since 1884. There are items for consumers, the industry, and even health professionals. You can also click on The Fun Stuff with items for fans of chocolate.

6. The Little Chocolatiers
This TLC show chronicles the true story of little people who are also chocolatiers. Although not an official blog, there are loads to keep any chocolate lover happy. Clips of shows often include many useful items.

7. Chocolate Obsession
Think chocolate is all fun and games? It is, but still this blog contains many news items on chocolate, along with reviews. It’s been a while since the last post, but it is still worth a look.

8. Chocolate Guild
A special spot just for chocolatiers is a standout feature here. You can also get a Recipe of the Week and more with a visit. Categories are divided into baking, dessert, bon bons, and hot chocolate recipes.

Top Chocolatier Blogs by a Reviewer

The goal of these blogs is to gather the best and worst in chocolates on their blogs.

9. Jim’s Chocolate Mission
After a discussion with friends on the best chocolate bar, Jim began this blog with the goal of finding it. Reviews of both well-known and rarely heard of chocolates often are discussed. You can also see which chocolate bar is currently at number one with a visit.

10. Chocolate Blog
Reviews of chocolate bars and other chocolate news and information can be found here. Items are rated on a one to ten scale and you can sort by leading. The blogger also lists many chocolate related items of interest.

11. Cocoa Heaven
Feed your obsession for chocolate on this blog. Chocolate candy reviews are often the topic of posts. There are also random categories such as facts on chocolate and even conspiracy theories surrounding it.

12. Chocolate Reviews
They test the best and wost that both small chocolatiers and international chocolate makers have to offer. All reviews are unbiased and often include many recommendations. Current ones include many international choices.

13. Chocolate Ratings
The point of this blog is to help readers get the most out of their chocolate spent dollars. The blogger differs from the above in that they only include chocolates that have made the cut. Each blog entry often contains a single chocolate and review.

14. Chocolate Speak
Sandra also reviews chocolates, but she stands out for doing it from Berlin. She often travels the city looking for the best offerings, and she hopes to work her way through Berlin one chocolate shop at a time. An added bonus is that some of her blogs are even posted in German!

15. Chocolate Zoom
Discover the sweet side of New York chocolates here. Tours of the city for the candy lover are often offered. Top viewed articles include “The Top Five Ice Cream Shops in New York” and “Socially Responsible Artisan Chocolates.”

Top Chocolatier Blogs by an Individual

These bloggers love chocolate so much, they dedicate their writings to it.

16. Chocolate Note
Casey is from Minneapolis and “on the chocolate path.” His blog contains notes on chocolate from a true enthusiast. A recent entry was on cacao in Atlanta.

17. Motivation by Chocolate
Denise Ryan is a motivational speaker from Raleigh, North Carolina. She is also a lover of all things sweet, including chocolate. She often reviews items of chocolate interest and even writes about motivation by chocolate.

18. Gourmet Walks
Stop here for the blog of a chocolate enthusiast in San Francisco. He leads chocolate and food tours around the city and knows his stuff. He recently blogged on The Year in Chocolate.

19. Gone Chocco
This blog was created because “most Aussies know that chocolate is not just for breakfast anymore.” Kath has been writing since 2006 about chocolate and dedicates her blog to the fun surrounding it. She offers an FAQ, recipes, and other fun stuff.

20. Dying for Chocolate
Janet Rudolph has been eating chocolate all of her life. Now that passion has become the basis for this blog and for the Chocolate TeamBuilding events her company TeamBuilding Unlimited delivers. A recipe for chocolate toffee shortbread was recently shared.

21. Chocolate in Context
Get insights into chocolate as it relates to cooking, travel, and even society here. Emily Stone is a chocolate enthusiast who loves to travel. Get information and reviews on chocolates from all over the world with a visit to her blog.

22. Cyber Chocolate
Shelly is a librarian who is obsessed with blogging and chocolate. She discusses everything from store bought favorites to homemade creations. Life in New York is also written about.

23. Dark Chocolate Daily
Nancy grew up with several gourmets in her house and regrets that they never explored the world of artisan chocolate. She now uses her blog to make up for that. She also documents chocolate discovery, opinion, and news.

24. Serious Chocolate
The blog Serious Eats is a popular choice. In this special subsection, they take on chocolate. A recent entry was on chocolate and chickpeas.

25. The Chocolate Gourmand
Brian is from the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys making all sorts of desserts. Although it has been a while since his last entry, items such as chocolate whirlgigs are worth the visit.

26. The Chocolate Nerd
This blogger focuses her writings on everything related to luxury chocolate. Cakes, assorted, boxed, and more are all discussed. However, it is another blog that could use more recent entries.

Top Chocolatier Plus Blogs

These blogs take on chocolate and another related aspect.

27. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Gallery
This blog is “dedicated to the world’s two best ingredients.” The blogger features loads of entries often featuring the best in both categories. One of the more recent posts was even on how to detox with both.

28. Chocolate Covered Katie
Formerly known as the Chocolate Covered Vegan, she has been on this diet of her own making for eight years. How to do chocolate the vegan way is discussed on the blog, along with daily life.

29. Chocolate and Zucchini
This blogger is known for combining unusual ingredients as the title suggests. In addition to a cookbook of the same name, you can also visit the blog for loads of recipes. Click on the chocolate tag to get entries such as hot cross buns and even a guide on tasting chocolate.

30. Salt and Chocolate
Katie is from the Midwest where she began to cook before she could reach the counter. Her blog now chronicles her continuing love of food. Chocolate recipes include a bread pudding, birthday treats, and Valentine’s Day.

31. Chocolate Beer
If this is your favorite beverage and dessert, you’ve come to the right place. The web’s largest collection of chocolate beer recipes is featured here. Everything from stout to lager and beyond is shared.

32. Bitter Chocolate
Get reflections on the politics of cocoa and chocolate here. Michael Niemann even offers graphs to get his point across. Fair trade, world affairs, and more often make up the topics of posts.

33. John and Kira’s
They specialize in making their own chocolates. The blog greets everyone with their personal story. You can also find other chocolate related items on the main site.

34. Wayfaring Chocolate
Hannah is a 23-year-old Canberran who seems to delight in telling stories about chocolate, cooking, travel, and more. Categories range from cheese to art tours with chocolate in mind. A recent entry was on a raw brownie recipe.

Top Chocolatier Candy Blogs

If you love chocolate, chances are you love and candy, and these blogs have much more.

35. Candy Blog
Stop here for meticulously photographed and documented reviews of candy from around the world. News, recipes, an FAQ, and more are all offered. Tropical Sours was just the latest candy to be blogged about.

36. All About Candy
Elizabeth LaBau is a pastry chef and confectioner by profession and a voracious candy consumer by choice. Choose from the basics, chocolate, sugar candy, or just read the latest entry. Must reads include “Top 10 Caramel Recipes” and “Tuxedo Strawberries.”

37. Candy Addict
Get “all the candy that’s fit to eat” at this blog. They include news, views, and reviews of new and old favorites. Featured articles include “Top 10 Grossest Candies” and “Top 10 Chocolate Cereals.”

38. Todo Candy
Video entries help this blog stand out. Candy reviews, along with many chocolate entries, are often featured. A popcorn candy was the subject of a recent post.

39. ZOMG, Candy!
Rosa uses this blog to share opinions on various types of candies and sweets that she tastes and eats. She even tags entries by brand name from Annabelle’s to Wrigley’s. She also links to many items of interest.

40. Candy Yum Yum!
Patti is your guide to all things sweet and nostalgic. Her blog is the place to read about new products, reminisce about retro candy, share recipes, swap stories and whatever else strikes her candy fancy. A gourmet cookie that was worth the price was recently discussed.

41. Candy Critic
The CC offers updates, candy news, and other related items. Three bloggers discuss everything from their favorites to candy centered thoughts. They even date back to 2006 and offer literally thousands of entries.

42. Licorice Lover
If licorice is your candy, this is your blog. The LL is obsessed with the candy and even features poems dedicated to it. There are also reviews of the best and worst licorice.

43. Retail Confectioner
This group provides merchandising solutions for the candy industry. Their blog often contains the latest headlines in all kinds of candy. You can also choose trends, profiles, perspectives, and many others.

44. Southwest Candy
This candy maker offers wholesale bulk candy and lollipops at discount prices. You can check out more of what they have to offer, or read the blog. What’s next in the New Year is discussed.

Top Other Chocolatier Blogs

Get the best of the rest by checking out the below.

45. The History of Chocolate
Get a chocolate web guide from Finding Dulcinea here. Functioning as the librarian of the internet, they give a detailed guide of the history, making, and tasting of chocolate. You can also find many related topics.

46. How It’s Made
Part of The Science Channel, this show specializes in showing how everyday items are made. In this entry, the assorted chocolate is taken on. Visit to check out the video, or get loads of other entries on food and drink.

47. Divine Delights
They are a fair trade chocolate company from Ghana. They are even found in many major supermarkets or online. Read the blog to see what is going on locally.

48. Way of Cacao
Frederick explores the world to get cacao in its true form. The blog chronicles how. Visit to see more.

49. The Chocolate Traveler
If you love M & M’s, this is the blog for you. Chocoflyer writes about all kinds of chocolates, with a particular love for the M & M. Chocolate festivals, reviews, and more are all included.

50. Chocolate Chip Cookie Blog
If you love chocolate, chances are this is your favorite kind of cookie. The blog sets out to be the internet’s most comprehensive resource on chocolate chip cookies. Get baking tips, ingredient recommendations, tutorials, and of course, recipes.

If the above top 50 chocolatier blogs have piqued your interest, there is much more available on the web. Try visiting a site like The Food Network or Allrecipes that contain millions of recipes, many of which can be narrowed down to just the choices in chocolate.