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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of Year! The Top 25 Spring Break Hot Spots in the U.S

Contrary to popular belief, Spring Break doesn’t just last a week or two. For most years, Spring Break will stretch from the last week in February through April 1. Because in many cases college students are old enough to travel alone, Spring Break is often the first vacation they take. All across the globe, organized activities in specialized destinations are designed to attract these college student and have only grown in phenomenon.

Although it may have originated for the young adult, everyone else from families to adults are capitalizing on the Spring Break experience to make the most out of their vacations. With many border issues still looming and airfare prices reaching new highs, many vacationers choose to stay local with their choices. To help choose the best option for you, we have gathered the below top 25 Spring Break hot spots in the United States.

Top Spring Break Hot Spots in the U.S for Students

Students in high school and college will appreciate these Spring Break hot spots, many of which cater just to them.

  1. Fort Lauderdale See what all the hoopla is about at least once during your few years as a student. This popular Florida city often makes it on to MTV. Must see’s include the infamous beaches and Elbo room. If you can brave the crowds, this might be the best Spring Break hot spot for students.
  2. Waikiki Beach Anyone can party on Spring Break, but how many can come back from vacation as surfers? This Hawaiian destination has been named “The Surfing Capital of the World.” With a combination of Hawaiian traditions and American lifestyle, along with prime seafood restaurants and luxury resorts, this hot spot can change a life with a single visit.
  3. Panama City Daytona Beach is the draw to this Florida city. Thousands of college students also flock here to find all-star events and loads of hotels on the beach. With a propensity for attracting Spring Break-ers, the city almost exclusively caters to them from February to March. Visit here to get their online calendar of who is doing what and even which schools are being attracted.
  4. Myrtle Beach Don’t think you can get Broadway at the Beach? Think again when you visit this Spring Break hot spot in South Carolina. Plan your stay online and choose from a wide assortment of accommodation options including hotels, resorts, motels, condos, beach homes, and additional types of vacation rentals.
  5. Huntington Beach Can’t go all the way to Hawaii for surfing? A trip to this California city might be in order. Dubbed “Surf City USA,” they offer some of the finest waves in the continental 48. The official website even has a live webcam so you can see what you’re missing.
  6. La Jolla Taken from the Spanish for “jewel,” this California city also makes a popular Spring Break destination. Located just minutes from San Diego, there are also beaches, galleries, and even attractions for the Earth-minded. Visit the official site to learn more about where to go, restaurants, and other accommodations.
  7. Virginia Beach This city also offers a boardwalk right on the Atlantic Ocean. It is also the home of surfing competitions, camping, and many other Spring Break attractions. Other unique options include whale watching and a Rock and Roll Marathon. The official site has loads more on why to visit.
  8. South Padre Island If you’re stuck in the middle and California and Florida are too far to drive, go south. Located on the tropical tip of Texas, South Padre Island is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and the Laguna Madre Bay. Beautiful beaches, warm Gulf waters, fishing, boating, bird watching, shopping, and a diversity of year-round activities await every visitor. With plans for Spring Break already underway, be sure and visit this site to learn more.

Top Spring Break Hot Spots in the U.S for Families

If traveling with the kids for Spring Break, check out these hot spots.

  1. Orlando Because every kid should see Disneyland, stop by this Florida city. Other theme parks such as Epcot Center and Universal Studios can also make this city a dream come true for children of all ages. If still confused as to why to visit Orlando, check out this list of 210 Things to do in Orlando which include strolling through Diagon Alley and a visit to Gatorland.
  2. Yellowstone National Park The Old Faithful Geyser remains one of the park’s most beloved destinations. However, there are over 10,000 other geothermal features to be viewed. Kids will also enjoy the animals that can be in found in the park which include elk, bison, coyotes, bears, and the occasional moose. Yellowstone Lake also offers tons of water related fun.
  3. Grand Canyon If the Brady Bunch can make it to the Grand Canyon, so can your family. In addition to doing the usual fare such as taking pictures from the station wagon and horseback rides, the Havasupai waterfalls are also not to be missed. Many Native American traditions continue in the Grand Canyon, along with many popular American cities.
  4. Washington, D.C. Teach the family all about our nation’s history while visiting its capital. There are loads of attractions including The Smithsonian and zoo which are full of both fun and education. Best of all, many historic attractions are free or low cost to see.
  5. Anchorage If you love the outdoors, this is the Spring Break destination for your family. Both the Kenai and Denali National Parks can be visited from the city and offer loads of year round options. You can even use this family oriented site to plan your vacation by the age of your children from babies to teens.
  6. Ka’upulehu-Kona The Four Seasons in this Hawaiian city was deemed the most kid friendly of the resorts in this city. World class snorkeling and a Kids for all Seasons program are just some of the reasons to visit. If too pricey, Five Star Alliance recommends four other resorts in the state.
  7. Jackson Hole Have kids that are seemingly too young for skiing? This Wyoming destination may be the answer. It has over 50% of its skiing trails for new or beginning skiers. There is even The Kids Ranch, which caters exclusively to younger guests.
  8. Sea Island Throughout the year, professionally planned and supervised age-appropriate children’s programming is the highlight of a family visit to the Sea Island Resorts in Georgia. They include a Bull’s Eye Hour, junior golf and tennis, fishing, crabbing, and many others. Adults can also find many options just for them.

Top Spring Break Hot Spots in the U.S for Adults

Those who are 21 and over will greatly enjoy these cities, along with all of their adult targeted fun.

  1. Vegas With so much to do and see, there really is no bad time to go to Las Vegas, Nevada. Those who don’t care for gambling will be so overwhelmed with the shows, shopping, and outright decadence of the city to realize that it was built on casinos. However, those who enjoy placing a bet or two will find options for them in everything from the world famous Strip to downtown. This site has loads of specials and deals no matter what your return city.
  2. New Orleans You don’t have to go to Vegas to get impressive entries in American gambling. The “Big Easy” has loads to offer in world class casinos. The Cajun influence is still as strong as ever, and there are many places to dine on live crawfish while you listen to live jazz music. Add on Bourbon Street, Mardi Gras, the French Quarter, and much more, and you will see why this is one city every American should visit.
  3. South Beach When looking for world-class dining, spectacular beaches, one of the hottest club scenes in America, or to just spend a quiet day meandering through boutiques, this part of Miami has something for you. Known for its whimsy and variety of visitors, South Beach has a little of everything. There is also a strong Cuban presence there with unique and authentic dining to match.
  4. Atlantic City The now infamous boardwalk is just one of the many reasons to visit this New Jersey city. It also offers casino gambling, spas, nightlife, and fine dining. There are also beaches to be enjoyed during Spring when the weather is nice. Visit the official site to get more information on where to stay, play, and party.
  5. Puerto Rico It may not be one of the 50 states, but Puerto Rico is still part of the United States. In addition to entries featured above such as casinos and unique dining, Puerto Rico is also home to hundreds of years in history. Forts, museums, and more offer a touch of culture. You can also visit Casa Bacardi while you’re there.
  6. Lake Tahoe Whether staying North or South, this lake encompasses two states and can be enjoyed from several cities. Fishing and watersports can be found there. Other options include rafting, hiking, and many world class casinos. Those who visit during colder months can even find skiing.
  7. Crested Butte Who says you have to go to a beach on Spring Break? This Colorado destination often offers most-of-the-year skiing options. It is a popular destination for snowboarders and even has offering for college students.
  8. Pebble Beach If the only thing you want to do on your vacation is play golf, this world renowned resort is your Spring Break hot spot. Often the course is used for many professional tours, and you can play golf just like Tiger Woods, setting-wise. There are also many other options such as spas and world class dining at the resort.
  9. The Dude Ranch See America as it was when it was young by checking out a Dude Ranch. Horseback riding, camping, and other “unplugged” activities await you. This article from Travel and Leisure recounts the nation’s best dude ranches.

If still a student, consult your parents before heading off to any of the above top 25 Spring Break hot spots. To help plan a Spring Break trip, check out a site like Budget Travel. Not only do they offer many vacation options with the pocketbook in mind, they also came out with a “Five Best Travel Sites” to help those who just have to book online.